Furumaya: Farm Stay in deep Kyoto

May before rice planting, 2015
May before rice planting, 2015


Come and enjoy the charm of our self-renovated guest house, with the ambience of 200+ year old thatched roof farm house nestled in a beautiful valley of Tamba, about 65 km northwest of Kyoto city. This is the place where you can enjoy clean air, experience Japanese country life, learn Japanese traditional culture and home cuisine, meet and interact with locals and fellow travelers, and much more. 

Takeda Castle, Hyogo prefecture (75 min by car)
Takeda Castle, Hyogo prefecture (75 min by car)

 There are also many attractive tourist destinations nearby, including Amanohashidate (the Heavenly Bridge), which is considered one of the three most picturesque landscapes in Japan, Takeda Castle, one of the few mountain castles remaining in Japan, and many onsen (public baths with hot springs) and local sake breweries and wineries..

Furumaya House in spring
Furumaya House in spring

Our goal is to provide a unique and relaxing experience, so we accommodate only up to two groups (max. 7 people in total) each day. 


We are also happy to help foreign visitors to explore deep Japan.  Furumaya House is run and managed by a fully bilingual staff with lots of international work and travel experiences to help you make your stay comfortable and enjoyable....


**Note: Furumaya House is only open From mid-March until late autumn and will be closed during winter season.**




You can view pictures of our two Japanese style guest rooms.


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Japanese dinner platter
Japanese dinner platter

You can view pictures and food menu we provide at Furumaya House.  


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古民家の宿 ふるま家  Furumaya House


156 Kamigawai

Miwa-cho, Fukuchiyama

Kyoto 620-1311 JAPAN

Phone: +81.773.58.2236



住所: 〒620-1311京都府福知山市三和町上川合156

電話: 0773.58.2236

Email: furumaya.info@gmail.com

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