Temporary closed for self isolation

STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES. Given the impending risk in Japan, we have decided to start “social distancing” and self isolation as our social responsibility for the coming three weeks, meaning our guesthouse will be closed until April 17th, for the moment. Depending on how the situation develops, we might have to extend for longer period. For us, who solely depends on our living on guesthouse business, this has been a quite tough decision to make. However, we have also been very concerned that some people in this counyry seem still quite relaxed and do not take it serious, and that what is happening in the US and Europe, where we have family and a number of friends, guests, colleagues, is NOT “none of our business” as it could happen tomorrow here. Big kudos to all medics, paramedics, and volunteers around the globe who have been tirelessly working to fight against the virus on the front lines. We really hope they get enough protective gears and stay safe. We believe in science and hopelly the virus will be contained soonest, and we can welcome back guests from all around the world as we used to. Furumaya Family Nicolas, Theo and Sayaka