Furumaya's Mission

Furumaya House strives to produce and promote a new, environmental friendly life style, aspiring to create a society in which everybody lives in a fruitful and happy life, and contribute to developing the next generations who assume the 21st century as well as the local community.


Descriptions of our business

In light of the mission described above, Furumaya House provides:


・ Opportunity for cultural experiences for foreign visitors

・ Opportunity for cultural experiences for domestic visitors from cities

・ Opportunity for nature and agricultural experiences (mainly for children from urban area)

・ Opportunity for international interaction for both foreign and domestic visitors


Upon implementing our business, we pay special attentions to:


・ JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Creating job opportunity is essential for revitalizing the local community.   At Furumaya House, we provide job opportunities for local people so that part of the profit is reduced into the community.

 LOCALLY PRODUCED FOOD:  We try to procure and use fresh, locally produced, chemical and additive-free food materials wherever available and possible.

・ BE ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY:  We make our utmost efforts in installing/using environmental friendly facilities and consumables, including LED lights, wood stove etc.

・ BRANDING:  For attracting travelers and visitors, whether domestic or international, into this region, we strive to promote Tamba & Tamba-Miwa region as well as Japanese home cuisine globally to make internationally recognized brand, by making most use of the internet tools..




古民家の宿 ふるま家  Furumaya House


156 Kamigawai

Miwa-cho, Fukuchiyama

Kyoto 620-1311 JAPAN

Phone: +81.773.58.2236



住所: 〒620-1311京都府福知山市三和町上川合156

電話: 0773.58.2236

Email: furumaya.info@gmail.com

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