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This gallery takes you a tour through the Furumaya House or experience the delight of Kamigawai village and Tamba and Tango regions, in the lush green summer season or the pristine beautiful autumn season.

Furumaya House and Kamigawai Village

Sightseeing and cultural experiences around Furumaya house

Tamba-Sasayama region, stretching across northern part of Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures where the Furumaya House is located, is rich in places to visit and gain all sorts of cultural experiences. The House is located in close proximity to enjoy onsen (hot spring), tea ceremony, visit sake factory, and much more. 

The Tamba area is also known to be a "kitchen" of Kyoto, famous for producing all kinds of food and drinks - "kuri" (chestnuts), black beans (kuro-mame), mushrooms (matsutake etc.), wild boar meat (inoshishi), tajima-beef, seafood, sake, sho-chu, wine, to name a few, most of which are consumed in major cities in Kansai area.

Self-renovation on Furumaya House (Oct 2010 - Dec 2011)

古民家の宿 ふるま家  Furumaya House


156 Kamigawai

Miwa-cho, Fukuchiyama

Kyoto 620-1311 JAPAN

Phone: +81.773.58.2236


住所: 〒620-1311京都府福知山市三和町上川合156

電話: 0773.58.2236


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